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I'm looking for a Results-oriented, fast learner with demonstrated problem-solving and analytical skills Programmatic Campaign Manager. You will be responsible for the setup, day-to-day operation and optimization of online video campaigns, and for maintaining the relationships with ad serving platforms, advertisers and publishers. You will be expected to run in-depth analyses of campaigns, reach data-driven conclusions and act according to data-driven insights to optimize performance.

Job Description:
• Manage the day-to-day operations, including campaign setup and verification
• Monitor and analyze campaigns for both delivery and performance.
• Run data-driven performance optimization; work with partners to achieve performance goals
• Proactively troubleshoot and coordinate campaign issues

Job Requirements:
• Self-motivated team player with great attention to detail and quality
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills in both English and Hebrew
• Tech-savvy and easily learns new technology and tools
• Passion for learning and creative problem-solving
• 8 months to a year of experience as a Programmatic Campaign Manager – Must
•Experience working with SpotXchange, Adap.TV, LKQD – Must
•Experience working with RTB's ad-exchanges
•An understanding of digital marketing technologies including 3rd party ad serving, rich media and ad tech (DSP/ DMP) platforms
•Technical skills, Experience with – HTML, JavaScript tags, web analytic tools – an advantage.

Feel that you are the right person for this position? Send me your CV now:

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