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I'm looking business analyst for a global leader in the online market. The company's technology helps millions of consumers around the world make smarter, more confident buying decisions. They do so by creating trusted comparison websites that enable consumers to easily compare products and services online and form high-value relationships with the brands they choose. Their partner brands, some of which are among the most prominent websites worldwide, utilize our platform to maximize their online presence.

For this company, I'm looking for a Business Analyst to join the Analytics and BI unit.


  • Carry out meta-analysis for different departments and various company needs
  • Optimize conversion funnels based on statistical models and data driven analysis
  • Cultivate new ideas and discover new opportunities
  • Utilize BI tools to generate valuable data
  • Work in a fast-paced and multitasking environment, with multiple interfaces (business & technological)

Position Requirements: 

  • University degree – preferably B.Sc., graduated magna cum laude with outstanding grades or performance /or high psychometric/Gmat score.
  • 2 years of data and analytics experience, at least 1 year experience at a leading internet company – an advantage
  • Superb analytical skills
  • Highly developed Excel skills
  • Working experience with SQL
  • Experience using R\Python and/or Tableau , an advantage

Feel that you are the right person for This Position? Send us your CV:

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