PPC Team Leader

I'm seeking for a PPC Team leader, who will be responsible for growing and developing assigned customer accounts, and search for new opportunities in online media field.


As a PPC team leader you will be in charge of a large scale revenue unit that is ROI driven. If you have the ability to directly manage a PPC team and are not afraid of hands-on account management, This role is for you!


• Directly manage and mentor a team of campaign managers

• Create and execute SEM ROI Driven strategies across Google Ads, and other SEM platforms on highly competitive markets and in large scales

• Maintain and develop processes within the PPC Department for Optimizations, strategies and methodologies

• Develop a strong understanding of the products, competition, industry, marketing goals and objectives of each of your verticals

• Collaborate with multiple functions in the company including: product, content, UX and Business Dev


 • 4+ Years of experience (at least 1 year as team leader)

• Proven strong experience with performance ROI Driven campaigns

• Superior analytical skills, numbers oriented and detailed

• Highly motivated, energetic & ambitious

• Team Player

Feel that you are the right person for PPC Team Leader position? Send your CV now:

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