How to Answer The Most Common Question – Tell me about yourself?


How should a "Tell me about yourself" question be answered? People express their thoughts to share something with others and explain about themselves, to help them to know about people. If a person meets a stranger initially they have to tell something about themselves. So explaining or introducing yourself to others is always very important, but most people fail to do so properly.

How to Answer The Most Common Question - Tell me about yourself?
How to Answer The Most Common Question – Tell me about yourself?

In job interviews most of the time a question is raised requesting you to introduce yourself. This question is asked to judge the candidates and some people will give the information about themselves perfectly.  Few of these are rejected. Most people have doubts regarding how to answer "Tell Me about Yourself" at an interview. It pays to prepare well and get tips from the experts. There are tips on how to introduce yourself, what information should be added and what omitted. During the interview, people make some basic mistakes in introducing themselves by simply listing their past accomplishments, telling their life story in a 10 minute monologue. The answer should take 1 minute or 90 seconds, highlighting past accomplishments which are specifically related to the job designation.

Learn the Tricks on How to Answer "Tell me about yourself"?                               

So the candidate has to customize their answer to the question to the needs of the company. It is important to talk about the qualities you have for the organization job designation and you have to possess the qualities that they want. The candidate should frame the answer structure to be delivered. They can provide their success story, highlighting the qualities required. The success story can be about your past work experience and your skills for the job. If you don’t yet have a success story, try to bring both professional and personal skills related to the job to the table, so they will take notice. The candidate can provide information on their academic achievements, charity and volunteer work.

The candidate can include information such as their strengths, abilities, experience, traits and conclude with their present situation. By providing this information in the introduction the interviewer will take notice of you. The candidate has to communicate in fluent English. Most organizations prefer the English language, so candidates should be good speakers to get the attention of the interviewer. The interviewer cares about the answers to the questions to judge your level of confidence, enthusiasm and passion. Most candidates make the simple mistake of pausing and stalling at the start of the answer.  The first question raised in an interview is mostly "Tell me about yourself"? So the candidate should learn the tricks to answer the question "Tell me about yourself";  To get a job they can also be trained at where you can practice "Perfect" job interviews.

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