Create a winning LinkedIn Profile in 9 easy steps


Create a winning LinkedIn profile is very important these days, due to the reason that LinkedIn has become the world's leading business network with millions of members in most countries of the world.

Here some tips that will help you create a winning LinkedIn profile:

1. Professional image

Choosing the right photo is the most important thing when you create a winning LinkedIn profile, and will help increase referrals from potential clients. It is important to brand yourself as an expert in the field. Always be aware that clients are looking for a professional to work with, and before the viewer has opened your full profile and resume, it is likely that they will look at the photo.

2. Full profile

Too many people skip this section and ignore the fact that the best way to build trust in the virtual world is to provide professional information about yourself. Make sure you are using a professional profile picture, and your current position and previous roles are up to date, use the right keywords to be found by the relevant people and add the correct skills for you.

3. Create an attractive title for your profile

If you want people to find you easily – it’s important to mention your position. Be focused and aware of what people are looking for and how you want to present yourself.

4. Add media

To create a winning LinkedIn profile, you can make your profile more attractive by adding photos, presentations, videos and documents. Intelligent use of these tools will allow you to promote your company and brand yourself uniquely.

5. Expand your network of contacts steadily

Many people make the mistake of starting to build a network of connections only when they need it – but that's usually too late. Remember that building relationships takes time and network awareness. Build up your network continuously! Your network of contacts will be greater, you will find more people in your first and second circle of friends. LinkedIn allows you to build up your network quickly and easily by adding colleagues from previous places of work and classmates. Invest in expanding your network and inviting people you meet at conferences or candidates you interview to join.  You can also invite people to connect with you via email.

6. Know your search option capabilities

After building an attractive profile and large networking circle, start to use LinkedIn's advanced search engine to locate the relevant contacts in your country or around the world – and contact them. One of the ways to improve the search capabilities is by using expressions such as OR, AND, NOT. This will help you to get more results and reach your targets.

7. Join professional groups

On LinkedIn, there are thousands of special interest and professional groups. Locate the relevant groups and join them, get published and take part in discussions that arise.

8. Update your status daily

One of the fastest ways to promote a new product, advertise a new post, or if you're looking for work is by updating your status and adding appropriate links. Your entry page will appear in your status and all your friends on LinkedIn may be able to help you by sharing. When you publish such a status, remember to add an image, link and / or video to attract a larger audience. And remember to update at regular intervals.

9. Receive and give recommendations

One of the best ways to build your brand online is by giving and receiving recommendations from managers, workers, executives, customers and business partners. Do not hesitate to be proactive in asking for recommendations.

In conclusion, create a winning LinkedIn profile is highly important due to the fact that LinkedIn is becoming an efficient tool for more and more people – from executives, to small business owners, sales and marketing personnel, hiring managers and job seekers. As you learn and recognize the principles to work with it correctly – the value you obtain from the network will be much greater.

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