Find a Job By Using Social Networks


Find a job by using social networking has become very popular in our virtual world, and we can’t ignore the fact that social media networking sites occupy a prominent place in the job search process, and serve as an available and successful tool for millions of people around the world who are trying to find a job.

There are a variety of social networks, the most popular among job seekers being Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Searching for a job on social networks has a host of benefits – users can easily create networking connections, contact people from various fields and with different titles, and reach key people in leading companies.  They can create a professional profile page which presents the correct impression and can be used as a business card. If you are looking for a job, or at your next position, it is time to be open minded and think a little differently about the ways to achieve your goal. Of course, you also have to continue using the old ways to find a job – check company’s sites and post your resume on their career page, use online job board postings etc.

However, these days you also should invest your time making connections through social media and branding yourself. If you want to find a new position, you should create a Profile Page on each of the social networks, to advertise and brand yourself in the best light, so that future employers and headhunters will look through your profile and at what you are transmitting. So here's how this can be done:

Find a job by using Twitter

Using Twitter as a tool to find a job can be of great assistance in finding a good position: branding yourself as a leader in your field or the area of specialty for which

Find a Job By Using Social Networks
Find a Job By Using Social Networks

you have a passion. Start following people on Twitter, especially key leading “stars” – people in your industry or companies you would like to work for. With Twitter you can reach people you want to follow very fast.

So what's so special about finding  a job by using Twitter?

Instead of long texts as in blogs, Twitter allows you to send "tweets" of a maximum of 140 characters –  about two short sentences, which helps to update the people following. You can write short sentences such as “Looking for a sales manager position – I have 10 years of experience” – this sentence will get huge exposure.

The great advantage of finding a job with Twitter, like the other social networks, is the candidate's ability to create direct personal contact with key people in different companies, branding themselves as a good person to work with and a leader in the field.

Find a job by using Facebook

Facebook is a social network that has acquired a business touch – and therefore assists millions of people in meeting new members and maintaining contact with old friends. Nowadays recruiters are looking for staff via friends and contacts, so if you are connecting with many people on the net – the possibility you will hear about a fabulous job opportunity is greater than for people with a modest social network.

You should keep in mind to remain professional and formal as far as possible. This is not the place to publish embarrassing photos from your last party, or write a provocative personal message. The social network becomes your business card, so your page on the same network must be as clean, practical and professional as possible.  There is a place for creativity and an open mind, but all of course for the one purpose – creating the best impression with both your friends and professionally.

So what's so special to find a job by using Facebook?

On Facebook, as opposed to other social networks, when you decide to contact people, it is more personal. On Facebook it is very important to remember that at any given time you can view profiles, and people can view yours, so it is important to create the correct impression, block people you do not know, dilute publicly transmitted information to everyone, because people are watching you. You must be very careful about the images or content that you put on the Internet. Another great tip to find a job through your profile is to use your Status – If your last position was “Marketing Manager” write “Marketing Manager – between jobs”, don’t write "Looking for my new challenge".

Facebook is not the place to be shy – if you hear or see that one of your contacts (or your friends' contacts) shares status or updates that they are looking for employees – get in touch with them or ask your mutual friend to introduce you.

Business Page – There are also many companies’ business pages on Facebook that you can follow. In this way you can always be updated about changes in the company and HR announcements. You can also contact their Human Resources directly through the pages.

Groups – Another great tool that is becoming very popular among job seekers and can help you to get a job is Groups. On Facebook you can join many job seekers' groups.  If you need to practice your English for a job interview; this is the place for you. Just remember to join the correct groups in the network.

Find a job by using LinkedIn

LinkedIn is considered more a professional business network than a social network, and over the years a lot of companies have been using LinkedIn to find potential applicants in the area of executive placement.  This is due to the fact it has a reputation for being the place to find the best professionals.

If you know how to use LinkedIn social networking, your success rate in finding a job will increase. The main trick is to know to use the right keywords. LinkedIn uses a search engine so that when recruiters are searching for the qualifications they need, if you used the right keywords in your profile – they will find you. In addition, you should seek recommendations from your managers, directors, colleagues and clients, to make a positive impression on those reached via a virtual visit.

So what's so special to find a job by using LinkedIn?

On LinkedIn, it is possible and desirable to join professional groups linked to the area in which you are looking for a job.  It will help you to be exposed to people and new jobs being advertised via the group. Sometimes you can even create business cooperation with one of the people in the group for the benefit of your own business. The LinkedIn network is very professional, with people being more careful who they add to their team. So you should be as up to date as possible on this network and also be calculated in relation to the information you post about yourself. This also applies to your blog, even if it is registered elsewhere and you think there's no chance that recruiters will get online and read it.

In conclusion, in recent years, social networks have become a very strong influence in the employment field. More and more companies, recruiters and job seekers are joining social networks, both to find a job and to find employees. Many more companies publish business pages on social networks, guiding their managers to have a presence on social networks and take part in discussions and relevant professional forums. Many recruiters advertise jobs in groups of job seekers on social networks and sites for suitable candidates. At the same time, job seekers realize that they should have a presence and social networking has become an integral part of the job search.

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